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Explain the importance of the historic battle of Plassey and Buxar


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The ancient battle of Plassey is of tremendous historical significance. The British were able to capture Bengal as a result of this fight. Mir Jafar began to work at their bidding. Thus, the British became Bengal’s rulers. Indeed, this victory paved the path for the British to conquer India. Bengal was a prosperous province.

Following the Battle of Plassey, the British reaped significant profits from the region. The company prospered as a result of this revenue. Due to the company’s overwhelming wealth, it was able to maintain a large army. It was only because of the strength of this army that the British overcame the French and then subsequent Indian rulers. Thus, it is apparent that the British were able to conquer India due to the battle of Plassey.

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The Battle of Buxar is of immense historical significance. As a result of this fight, the British established a firm foothold in Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa. The Battle of Buxar concluded the task left unfinished during the Battle of Plassey. The British emerged as a new force in India, and it became straightforward for them to conquer the country.

The Battle of Buxar resulted in the following:

  • The company became the uncontested ruler of Bengal.
  • The British acquired the Mughal emperor’s Dewan of Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa.
  • The British were obligated to pay a pension of Rs. 26 lakhs and the province of Allahabad to the Mughal emperor. Thus, the Mughal emperor became a British favorite.
  • In this battle, Shuja-ud-Daula, Nawab of Awadh was also defeated. He compensated the British with Rs. Fifty lakh in war losses.
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