Political Science

Narrate the conditions for the success of Democracy. How far these conditions exist in India?

Conditions for the success of Democracy

(1) People must be willing to participate in elections.

(2) They must have the desire to see that the democratic government functions smoothly.

(3) A higher level of consciousness among the people about their rights and duties is essential.

(4) Tolerance of opinion, of outlook, of parties and of principles are, in fact, necessary for the successful working of democracy. Tolerance leads to healthy competition among rival groups and thus, strengthens democracy.

(5) The opinions and interests of the minorities must be duly considered. For, democracy means the rule of the majority with the consent of the minority.

(6) For the successful working of democracy, the independence of the judiciary is necessary. An independent judiciary acts as the sentinel of the citizen’s rights and freedoms.

(7) Local self-governing institutions also are essential for the success of democracy. 

(8) The freedom of the press is another prerequisite of democracy. When newspapers and other mass media agencies are free, the party in power cannot abuse authority.

(9) A strong opposition party is necessary for the success of democracy. The opposition is regarded as the “watchdog” of democracy, particularly parliamentary democracy.

(10) A democratic system can succeed only when the people have a democratic spirit. Moreover, the people should be alert. As Jefferson said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”.

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Democracy in India

India is regarded as the largest democracy in the world”, due to the large size of the electorate. India is also one of the first few countries in the Third World which adopted democratic system after the end of colonialism.

Unfortunately, most of the conditions essential for the success of democracy do not exist in India. Problems like poverty, illiteracy, communalism, regionalism, casteism, criminalization of politics, corruption etc. threaten the working of democratic system in India.

We should not, however, be pessimistic. The future of democracy in India will be bright if the leaders are honest and the people are interested in the working of democratic system. Credit goes to Indian people that they have been gradually developing political consciousness and democratic spirit.

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