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Marlowe wrote this play In 1593. Edward II is the greatest tragedy in national history. The play is all about a king who has an unhealthy obsession with his favourite, Gavestone, a Frenchman.

Edward II character analysis

Edward II neglects all, including his wife, as a result of it. In this context, he disavows his responsibilities as a monarch and as a husband. The nobles are enraged by the king’s action. They were successful in expelling Gavestone. Finally, they assassinated Gavestone under the leadership of Mortimer and other nobles. The king was enraged at this. He is effective in apprehending a few insurgents. Mortimer quickly flees to France, where queen Isabel and her young son are living. Mortimer invades England and defeats the king with a large army. The king is apprehended and imprisoned in a castle.

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Meanwhile, the queen and Mortimer reach an agreement. The queen takes on the role of his mistress. Then they assassinate the king. However, Edward III, Edward’s son, murders Mortimer and imprisons his treacherous mother. In this manner, he exacts vengeance for his father’s death.

Edward II is a mature product of Marlowe’s brilliance in every way. It is the first play of its kind. To tell the truth, this was the first historical drama written in English. The author’s style has also evolved. In speeches, the dialogue is more evenly distributed. The restraint is excellent, and the language is relatively basic. Additionally, it has a fundamentally literary tone.

Marlowe’s writing style

The most significant new aspect of Marlowe’s style in this play is his characterization capacity. Each of his earlier plays features a superman who dwarfs the other characters. However, Marlowe has taken particular care to distinguish the other characters in Edward II.

Although Edward II is undeniably the central character, we also have well-defined archetypes in Gavestone, Mortimer, and Isabel. Thus, the play demonstrates a remarkable leap forward in plot construction.

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